Day 64: Strategy

So today I sat down. So far, I’m happy with the progress that the project is going on. As I noted yesterday, I have: a rough budget, a preliminary shot list, and a script all done within a 63-day period. So the question is what next?

So it was time to see the roadmap I had set out when I first started the project:

[*] Create all six characters. One down, five to go.

[*] Create a plot outline based on the character arcs.

[*] Write a script based on the plot outline and the character personalities. The script will be around 120 pages long and will likely be dialogue heavy.

[*] Take the first draft of the script and start to improve it. In this stage, I will also start to take into account what budget I will need.

[*] Once I have a budget, I will attempt to raise the funds-the current aim is $50,000. The script will continue to be modified at this point. I may also attempt to find somebody to help produce the movie with me.

[*] With the funds raised, one way or another, is to go through pre-production. Cast the movie, hire a local crew, get equipment, and find a location (preferably within the San Antonio area).

[*] Go into production. I’m hoping to shoot the whole movie within 20 days.

[*] The long post-production period. I’m hoping to have money for a video editor and sound editor. Hopefully, there won’t be any need for CGI-I’m specifically writing the script to avoid anything like that.

[*] Once the movie is done and locked, I will send it to festivals and attempt to find a distributor.

I believe that for the most part I’m done with the fourth stage. Okay, the budget isn’t 100% done nor is it perfect. It’s still awaiting feedback from the people I sent it to before I can continue to work on it. So I’ve decided that next week I’ll either work more on the budget or I’ll start setting up a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo.

Today I simply started working out a strategy by looking through past Indiegogo pages to see what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. This includes watching videos to start to get ideas on how to pitch the project.