Day 52: More and More Shots!

So I continue to work on the shot list. Today I actually got a bit more done than usual which is good! One idea I find interesting is something I like to call sequences. There are scenes which are essentially everything that takes place in a single point of time at a single location. Essentially, every time you move forward in time or switch locations then you set up a new scene. You can also break up a scene with flashbacks and other cuts before cutting back into it. It’s the same scene technically but for my purpose, I’d consider that to be separate scenes. That doesn’t really happen much, if at all, in Eternal Camping.

What does happen is that some of the scenes form sequences. This is generally when scenes are united around an event or plot. For instance, early in the script I have a character come up with an idea and convince someone to do it. The next scene that character brainstorms more about the idea. These two scenes essentially form a sequence. Some scenes in my script stand alone and others don’t.

Anyways, I try my best when doing the shot list to ensure I do any sequences together so that the shots flow together.

Finally some non-related news: I just finished a personal project of mine that I started at the beginning of the summer which opens up more time for me to spend on Eternal Camping. This means I will spend a little more time on the shot list every day!