Day 51: Shot List, Week Two

So the second week of me working on the shot list continues! One of the first things I did today was go over the shot list that I did last week. I made some changes to ensure that there was not only a greater variety of shots but to make sure I was being clear as to what was in my head. I then went ahead and added more shots to list keeping in mind that I have to be as clear as possible as to what I want.

As I’ve also said previously, taking into consideration the tents is important. After all, I have no idea how big the tents are going to be. But I do know that I want each tent to feel different. Odessa has a tent all to herself so it needs to say a lot about her character. There should also be more space since she’s by herself. The same with Austin. The rest of the boys share a tent so I want those scenes to feel as cramped as the characters are bound to be. So I have to also take that into consideration as I do my shot list.