Day 47: Shot List!

Today I spent more time working on my shot list. What’s interesting is that this might actually end up in some more editing of the script because it’s really going to make me look to ensure that every single stage direction is necessary and that I’m not overusing actions like eye rolls. Which means I have to defend what I wrote as actually being necessary to the story or to the characters.

Since there is limited time to shoot, it also means I can’t shoot too many shots but there is a benefit of breaking up a scene into a whole bunch of tiny shots: it means there’s less room to make mistakes since you are only performing that part of the scene instead of the whole thing. So a goal is to find a balance of splitting up the scenes so that they are shot as efficiently as possible.

It’s also important to keep in mind if I edit the scene later that I’ll need to go back and change the shot list. So I need to ensure it’s as organized as possible and that I know exactly what every shot is supposed to entail.