Day 46: Shot List

Today I started working on a preliminary shot list. What does this mean? I’m going through each and every single scene of the movie. I’m creating a list of every single shot I’m going to have to get. For instance, the first scene is about a page long. I have about nine shots that I believe I need to get a scene out of it.

There are many different kinds of shots: having to pick which ones are very important as well as what angle you are shooting from. How long will the shot last? The whole scene or just a small part of the scene? How much coverage of a specific part of the movie do you want? The more options the better for your editor but the more time you have to spend shooting-and I will be pressed for time.

From the shot list, I might create a storyboard which is essentially a drawing of how I expect the actual shot to look like. Even if I don’t do this step, having a shot list is handy as I can just go on set and cross things off the list rather than hoping I got everything based on memory. Planning really helps production move along and ensures you spend more time concentrating on making the scene work than figuring out how the scene should work.