Day 32: Budgeting and Other

So today was a very slow day for progress on Eternal Camping. I decided to add a Line Producer (a line producer is responsible for the movie’s budget and making sure that a production stays on track) to the production budget. I don’t know if we’ll hire one but having a line producer look over my budget seems like a smart move.

I also started to think on strategies to raise the money. If I have to go out and seek traditional funds then I need to come up with a formal business plan. If I have to crowdfund the project, then I’m starting to come up with ideas for rewards and how to effectively run the campaign. I also need to figure out how to shoot a video for the campaign with no budget that sells the project and makes people want to donate money.

I wouldn’t say I’m on the next stage of Eternal Camping yet: I’m still in the figuring out the budget phase but it is time to think about where I’m going to raise money from.