Day 28: Budget: Part Two

It’s interesting as I put together a budget of how much I can expect to pay for certain things. There are some necessities that I’ll definably need to get, including things like portable generators and cameras, but there are some items I’m including in the budget right now that would help make Eternal Camping better but isn’t necessary for the production.

As I move forward with the budget, I’ll be working at cutting down those unnecessary costs but for now I’m adding them in. It would be nice to know how much those items would cost in case we are able to raise the funds to get them.

I’m also contacting people to get more accurate quotes especially on hiring people during the parts of production I’m not all that familiar with like casting or even post-production. After all, it’s very important that I ensure I have money after I shoot the actual movie so that we can edit it. Likewise, it’s important to spend money before shooting begins on the right things to help ensure a stronger production.