Day 24: Script Progress: Act Two: Done

The second act in my script is done!

I think so far this is my favorite part of the script that I’ve written. There’s some really nice character and relationship building scenes in this script before a large dark scene that sets us on the third act. It really is the darkest that the script gets and I hope in theaters it’s as captivating as it is in my head.  Let’s just say the scene was so good that it actually revived my inspiration for the script.

Having said that, it also means I’m one huge step closer to being done with the script. Only the Third Act is left. I can’t say how long that’ll take me but if I keep the current speed of writing, I might be done with this draft of the script on Wednesday.


Pages: 97/120 (80.83%)

Scenes: 63/81 (85.19%)

Acts: 2/3 (66.67%)

Act Two:

Pages: 66/66 (100%)

Scenes: 47/47 (100%)

Parts: 4/4 (100%)

Part One:

Pages: 12/12 (100%)

Scenes: 9/9 (100%)

Part Two:

Pages: 11/11 (100%)

Scenes: 9/9 (100%)

Part Three:

Pages: 25/25 (100%)

Scenes: 17/17 (100%)

Part Four:

Pages: 18/18 (100%)

Scenes: 12/12 (100%)