Day 23: Script Progress: Act Two: Part Four

Today was another productive day on the progress of my script. I am now about 3/4ths of the way through the whole script. Even more importantly, I’m also almost done with the second act. I really can’t tell you how breaking up this part of the story into multiple parts has helped me write it. It just made it feasible and having small goals to reach always made it feel like I was making progress.

You know I was actually talking to a person who wanted to write a little bit earlier and I think I told him something that I think is essential to the writing process: writing itself is not the creative process. I think a lot of people don’t really understand this. They get inspired by a new story. They get excited. So they open up a new document and they start to put it down straight to the paper.

Some writers might be able to actually finish a story this way but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us can’t really do this. So many people start a great story with strong characters and great emotional payoffs but they never finish. They never even get close. Why? It’s because we get confused.

I told that person the trick to writing is to write even when you aren’t feeling inspired. I think that’s true because ultimately the creative part of “writing” is actually done in the outline stage. When you are “inspired” by an idea, that’s where you should spend all of your creative energy on. Oh, you can do what I did and craft the characters first. I did this because my story is a whole bunch of character arcs surrounding a basic premise. But it’s in creating the outline where the actual creative process should and does take place for successful projects.

The actual writing down the story? That’s just the technical process. The thing you do to execute the outline but you likely won’t be inspired through the whole thing. And if you don’t have an outline to keep you on track, you’ll never finish unless it’s super short.

I can tell you this because I have lost the inspiration I had originally for this script. But that’s okay-I predicted and accepted this was going to happen. I have my outline and my characters.

Want to be a writer? It’s not just writing everyday. When you get hit by a new idea that excites you, don’t start to immediately write it. Use all that initial energy to create an outline. Then just create the habit of working on it everyday. You do this and while you might not like the end product, you’ll have at least reached the finished line.

And reaching the finish line is a victory in and of itself. You can’t be a writer if you can’t even reach it.


Pages: 87/120 (72.50%)

Scenes: 63/81 (77.78%)

Acts: 1/3 (33.33%)

Act Two:

Pages: 56/66 (84.85%)

Scenes: 41/47 (87.23%)

Parts: 3.5/4 (87.50%)

Part One:

Pages: 12/12 (100%)

Scenes: 9/9 (100%)

Part Two:

Pages: 11/11 (100%)

Scenes: 9/9 (100%)

Part Three:

Pages: 25/25 (100%)

Scenes: 17/17 (100%)

Part Four:

Pages: 8/18 (44.44%)

Scenes: 6/12 (50.00%)