Day 22: Script Progress: Act Two: Part 3.5

I continue to make great progress on the script. I’m particularly happy about today because I got to write one of the scenes I’ve been most excited about: it’s really the scene where we realize how far Austin has gone. Now this is obviously very early and a lot can change and it’s hard to really predict these things, but I wouldn’t be surprise if this scene is the iconic one from Eternal Camping. At least I hope it is.

Tomorrow I’ll start work on Part Four. That should also take me two days to complete and then I’ll work on Act Three. At this rate, I believe I’ll be done late next week. Which is really exciting! It’s also speaks testament to the value of having a plot outline. Writing a draft of a feature film in three weeks is only possible because I know exactly what each scene will be rather than having to figure it out as I write.


Pages: 79/120 (65.83%)

Scenes: 57/81 (70.37%)

Acts: 1/3 (33.33%)

Act Two:

Pages: 48/66 (72.73%)

Scenes: 35/47 (74.47%)

Parts: 3/4 (75.00%)

Part One:

Pages: 12/12 (100%)

Scenes: 9/9 (100%)

Part Two:

Pages: 11/11 (100%)

Scenes: 9/9 (100%)

Part Three:

Pages: 25/25 (100%)

Scenes: 17/17 (100%)

Part Four:

Pages: 0/18 (0%)

Scenes: 0/12 (0%)