Day 18: Script Progress: Act One (Part Five)

Today I finished Act One of my script.

I guess now is a good time to talk about the atmosphere I create as I write my script. There are three very important aspects to make sure that I have a good, productive time writing: music, smoothie, and isolation. Why do I need all three? I’m not entirely sure but I do have some theories.

The isolation is probably a very key part of my own writing process. A lot of writers like to go to coffee shops or other public places to write. I’ve tried this. I’ve gone to Coffee Beans, Starbucks, and other places to try writing there. I was able to get some work down but only if I knew exactly what I was going to write ahead of time. If there were any scenes that I was still trying to figure out how they were going to work, I wouldn’t be able to write them. It turns out that isolation provides me with a huge opportunity: the ability to talk to myself without anyone judging me.

Why do I need to talk to myself? I don’t know but hearing my thoughts out loud allow me to process them far better than if I kept them in my brain. I can also voice out dialogue to try to see if this is something an actual human being would say naturally. I also read parts of the script out loud to make sure that it sounds good. I can do all of that in isolation. When I’m in a public place? Not as much. In isolation I can also blast out my music. I’m not a big fan of headphones so being able to play it out loud is ideal.

I need music because I can’t write in total silence or just hearing my own voice. I don’t know why but I feel like music keeps me focused on what I’m writing. I’m less inclined to procrastinate. This might be because music is stimulating my brain’s desire to consistently absorb content even though it’s creating content. As to the kind of music I listen? I use Pandora. I could use other music services but I favor Pandora because it’s the one I’m used to. It works, I’m happy with it, so why try something else?

I actually shuffle to play from all my music stations: a classical radio station, a film scores radio station, a Beatles (or classic rock) radio station, and a Red Hot Chili Peppers radio station. They play music I like and they can get me excited about the scene I’m in. Trust me, there’s nothing better while writing than listening to an epic song from Lord of the Rings.

Finally, the fruit smoothie is just delicious. Technically I can write without having one but I find that if I have a smoothie on hand, I’m less likely to go to my fridge and get a bottle of Coke. Which is not only unhealthy for me but also takes away time that I could be spending writing.

Progress on the Script:


Pages: 30/120 (24.79%) – About a quarter of the way done with the script!

Scenes: 22/81 (27.16%)

Acts: 1/3 (33.37%)

Act One: DONE

Pages: 30/30 (100%)

Scenes: 22/22 (100%)

Next week I’ll begin work on Act Two!