Day 15: Script Progress: Act One (Part 2)

In just two days, I’m almost half-way done through Act One! That’s pretty good progress. At this point, every character has had at least one significant scene that helps introduce who they are and lays out the groundwork for their character arc throughout the story. On top of that, I am slowly building up to the inciting incident that pushes us into the actual story.

Oh, and the pictures I’m choosing at this stage are small little clues as to what I’m writing-it could be a small reference I made or an actual plot point. Good luck trying to figure them out though!

Progress on the Script:


Pages: 13.5/120 (11.07%)

Scenes: 10/81 (12.35%)

Acts: 0/3 (0.00%)

Act One:

Pages: 13.5/30 (42.19%)

Scenes: 10/22 (45.45%)