Day 10: Act Two, Part Three

Work continues on the plot outline but it’s become pretty obvious that my rough estimates of how long each part for Act Two (c. 60 pages) is going to be were way off. Right now, Part 1 is 11 pages, Part 2 is also 11 pages, while Part 3 is coming in at 28 pages. The first two parts are fine, they are each only a page over, but part 3 is 8 whole pages over! I’ve thus cut the estimate of Part 4 from 20 pages to 12 pages so that the script doesn’t run too long.

Having said that, Part 3 is different in that it’s not built around many big group scenes but a lot of smaller character scenes that start to really navigate through the individual character themes and questions. I can’t say more, obviously, so this will be a short update as well but even before the script has began you can already see how the structure is evolving.