Day 8: Plot Outline: Act Two, Part One

I continue to work on the plot outline. Today I started on the second act by working on part one.

It isn’t always common to separate your second act into different parts and ideally you wouldn’t even know I’m doing this as you read the script or see the movie. This should be more of a behind-the-scenes thing that helps me organize the act, ensure that every character is getting proper development, and at the same time to ensure I have enough content to actually fill the act. I don’t want to get to page 45 of the script and then realize that I’m going to have to create a lot of filler scenes to get to 90 pages. In other words, it makes the large Act Two more manageable.

I obviously don’t want to give anything away but suffice it to say that so far this is turning out to be the right decision. The first part is built around two big events book-ended by Austin’s development. You start to see Austin’s descent into madness even as I present what should be one of the most comical scenes in the movie.

Tomorrow I’ll move into the second part of the plot outline. Pretty big things are going to happen over those ten pages as well.