Day 4: Laredo

You know when you dedicate yourself to a project that there are going to just be days when you don’t want to work on it. Today was such a day. Tomorrow I’m flying to San Antonio and there were plenty of errands I had to run before the trip. Making matters more annoying is that my shower head flew right off! That was a surprising turn of events for the day. It could have been really easy to justify not working on Eternal Camping today but I worked on it nonetheless. I have now sketched out the next character.

Laredo is a character whose been in my mind recently. I knew that I wanted a more artistic character in the cast and I knew I wanted twins. Laredo happens to fill both roles: he wants to make it big through the arts while being the male half of a twin. While Houston was a far more serious character, Laredo is a lot lighter and should be easier to do comedy with. At the same time, he does have a serious enough character arc. If Houston explores faith and justice in this new world, Laredo explores the role of art. If Dallas explores destiny and dreams, Laredo explores the role of culture.

Actually, Laredo has two significant character arcs. The first is his dream of being an artist playing out. This dream gives him a unique bond with Austin that the other characters don’t necessarily have. This is because Austin himself is a professional actor. It will also create a special conflict with him. Laredo, being young, doesn’t handle conflict well and that will determine how he reacts in the climax.

The other significant character arc has to do with his twin sister. Yes, these are all scouts and yes they generally only accept boys. In the movie’s world, the mother of the twins is able to convince the local troop to take both the twins because she thinks they should do everything together. Obviously Laredo isn’t too happy because he might have joined the scouts not just because his friends wanted to do it but because he wanted something for himself. This will create conflict with his sister throughout the script-a conflict complicated when she becomes the only family member he has. Of course, this also means that the two twins are the only characters who we know has a surviving family member.

Tomorrow I’ll probably work on his twin sister throughout the day. This does mean I’m nearing the end of the character planning phase: only two left to go!