Day 3: Houston


An important aspect of the the real Boy Scouts based on my research is their emphasis on God. Generally, zombie movies avoid exploring the theme of faith even though there’s a lot to explore. If you believe in God then it would be understandable that the zombie apocalypse would shake your faith in him. Why would God let zombies wipe off the planet? Why do you get to survive? What kind of plan does God have for you in this new society?

These are tough questions that Houston is going to have to confront. Houston was raised by his mother to be a strong Christian and that’s certainly a part of who he is. When he finds out that zombies have destroyed society, he has to come to terms with that not only in a way that the other characters do but also in a spiritual way as well. His character arc is therefore one of a crisis of faith and the climax of the movie will give him an answer.

Houston isn’t just a religious character largely because religious isn’t actually a personality trait-it’s more of a lifestyle. He’s a kid who is frankly angry at the world because it isn’t right. He hasn’t had an easy life, as a black kid he knows there’s injustice in the world, and he’s passionate about making the world a better place. In a normal situation, he’d probably grow up and become a lawyer for the NAACP. In a world where zombies have taken over, he still has to find a way to make the world better. It’s just a much more difficult task.

I don’t plan on making fun of religion nor do I plan to use him as a soapbox. These are things that are important to him. His comedic traits will come from other aspects of Houston which I believe will make him a more fleshed out character.

I believe that using Houston to explore faith and even justice fits the movie well. Eternal Camping may be a comedy but it is hoping to explore some serious themes explored through character arcs.