Day 0: Concept and Starting the Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Carlos Uribe. I graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Film/Television on May 2014. I’ve been trying to enter the entertainment industry as a writer. I’m hoping that Eternal Camping will be the first of many projects that I’m able to do. The goal of my first feature film is simple: write a script that requires a minimum budget, find a cast/crew, get equipment, shoot the actual film, then edit it. Making a film isn’t easy and while I’ve done some short student films, this is a pretty big undertaking but I’m committed to making it work.

Right now, the project is in it’s very early stages: conception. I don’t have all the characters done yet and I’m still trying to parse out the story. The purpose of this blog is simple: keep me on track. It’s easy for me to do a 30-minute TV comedy script but a feature film requires more focus and determination. My goal is to get something done EVERY WEEKDAY (and some weekends) until the project is 100% done. You can check in on this blog: I hope to update it every day with progress on the project.

The concept of this film is pretty simple: a scout leader is camping with his troop when he finds out zombies have wiped out civilization. I’m hoping that limiting the location to one area (an outside forest) and limited characters (6) will enable me to shoot the project with a tiny budget. Of course, there are logistical complications this creates but that would be the case regardless. You can read more about the concept on the front page.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully you’ll check in occasionally!